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How to get new maps

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:48 am
by Treehugger
Hi solzerogame. How can we access new maps if we're not Steam members? It looks like there are currently 285 maps available at Steam Workshop but only about 5 here on the forum.

I took a break from Sol 0 after v0.86 but I'm back and enjoying v1.04.

[EDIT 1] Are we supposed to be able to access new maps through the Map Editor? The help file says to "click the download button". There is a button within the help file which turns light green when you hover over it, but nothing happens when it is clicked.

[EDIT 2] I just watched your Map Editor tutorial video, and noticed that you have the upload and download buttons that were shown in the help file. I don't have these buttons in my Map Editor. I only have the help file icon (the big question mark in the top right) with no download/upload options beneath it.