Version 1.02 Has Been Released

Version 1.02 Has Been Released

Postby solzerogame » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:48 am

Sol 0 version 1.02 is available on the website, Steam, and! Below is a description of what is new in 1.02:

- Sol 0 now supports achievements. There are six, one for each mission patch, and one for unlocking the last level. If you already have some of these patches, just starting the game will award you all the achievements that you have already unlocked.

- Accidentally clicking through the GUI is no longer possible – prevents accidentally deselecting units, especially on the main GUI and the biology strain mixing window.

- Minor optimizations and refining of the pathing introduced in 1.01, mostly improving behavior in some edge cases.

- Sol 0 now supports localization. I would eventually like to officially support between 4-6 languages. Official language support is going to take a bit more time, since it involves paying for a high quality translation and modifying a few graphics that contain text. However, unofficial community translations can now be created using a translation tool available here (Windows only), and lets you modify nearly all the game text and share the language file: ...

- Sol 0 Team
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