Version 0.40 Has Been Released

May 24, 2014

Version 0.40 of Sol 0 has been released! Head over to the download page to pick up the latest version. 0.40 is a fairly large update, and is backwards compatible with the previous version. Many of the improvements are a result of really great feedback from the community, so thank you very much to everyone who offered suggestions. This release is a beta candidate, and assuming there are no real issues that I missed, this version will become the beta version of the game in a week or so. At that time the price will increase to $3.99. Here's a list of the changes.

  • The main menu has some graphics improvements. Some of the buildings also have slightly improved graphics.

  • There are four new buildings that can be unlocked by completing challenges. Once a building has been unlocked, it will be available on all maps (you don't have to unlock it for each map).

  • The fast and slow times now show an indicator in the top left of the screen.

  • When in resource mode, the red indicators on the hallways that show whether the doors are open or closed have been enlarged. These might not have been very noticable before.

  • A window is available on the launchpad that summarizes the current state of the colony.

  • Two buttons have been added to the minimap, one toggles map indicators showing unit positions, and the other rotates the map 90 degrees (this was suprisingly hard to implement...).

  • Dozers now are a bit easier to use, as a button for 'bulldoze' mode has been added. When bulldoze mode is off, the unit has normal pathfinding. When bulldoze mode is on, the dozer will drive in straight lines and can push rocks. The rocks now stick a little more to the front of the bulldozer.

  • Fixed a bug where, if food or water has run out, astronauts would die before colonists. Astronauts should always be prioritized higher than colonists.

  • Fixed a few issues on some of the maps and some farm bugs.

For fun, here is a screenshot from the very first day of Sol 0 development.

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