Sol 0 Version 0.92 Has Been Released

December 22, 2015

Edit: 0.93 is a minor update to 0.92 that fixes a few minor bugs that were present in 0.92.

Sol 0 version 0.93 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This update was a bit of a struggle to get out, but it has lots of polish and quite a few bug fixes. I'm hoping this is the last release before making the game accessible on Steam. I've set a price for the release, $5.99, which I think is reasonable considering the scope of the gameplay. A list of changes is below:

  • Fixed some cases where astronauts wouldn't put things on forklifts or pick them up. A few edge-edge-cases remain.

  • If an astronaut is interrupted by a level load or other event in the middle of initiating construction, the ground now correctly resets to be clear if the construction is subsequently halted.

  • The airlock now requires a population of 6 with no deaths to unlock, not 20.

  • Switching game speeds no longer affects the rate of methane and water production.

  • Cryotanks now display the amount of water/methane in L/sol, so you can actually calculate what is being extracted and used. The overall flow rate for cryotanks has not changed significantly, just the way the flow is displayed.

  • Fixed an editor crash when updating workshop content (Steam beta version only)

  • The Mac version of the game might now work thorugh Steam (Steam beta version only)

  • Fixed spelling in a few places and cleaned up overall text.

  • The astronaut build window closes if an astronaut is deselected.

  • Mouse scrolling when over GUI windows no longer scrolls the game window.

  • Map Editor: w,a,s,d and arrow keys pan the view.

  • Fixed issues with Memnonia including tree behavior, colonist bugs, air bugs, collision bugs..

  • Added credits screen to home screen.

  • Fixed text display issue when selecting units using the Units window

  • Fixed an issue where launching a small lander did not clear the ground

  • Rovers can no longer be routed over depressions in terrain (mostly fixed)

  • Fixed an issue where destroying the hallway connected to the launchpad would leave blocked terrain in the vacant space.

  • Cancelling routing with the rover with no nodes no longer directs the rover to the corner of the map.

  • Astronauts now count as population when unlocking Geology and Biology labs

  • When independence is declared, the date to achieve the mission patch is diplayed in the location where launch dates were previously displayed.

  • Armor can now be upgraded the full 8 levels.

  • Some launchpad fixes associated with switching rockets when the inventory was full.

  • Large rockets now retain their inventory if not everything is unloaded between saving/loading.

  • The display can no longer be rotated. This was never a great feature, instead the button toggles the resource display.

  • Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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