Sol 0 Version 0.86 Has Been Released!

October 5, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.86 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. Welcome to all the new players! We're continuing to grow - thanks for all the positive comments and discussion on the forums. Thanks very much for supporting the beta version of the game. I'll be posting an update on the Steam page to discuss the roadmap to a Steam release, check that out later today if you are interested.

  • Our upgraded email system has been working well, unfortunately PayPal is now having issues processing payments on their end for large numbers of their merchants. There is a several hour delay between when a payment is made and when I receive any notification at all of the transaction. PayPal estimates this should be resolved 'soon'.

  • Pathfinding and AI was one of the goals of this update. In general units should get stuck in terrain less, and astronauts in particular should work together much more efficiently. Astronauts should no longer bunch up around solar panels. There are still some cases left to address (for example multiple astronauts will still try to complete one construction), but overall the performance should be improved.

  • On the forums it was noted that the flags on the rockets are not oriented correctly - this will be fixed, just didn't make it into this update.

  • The launchpad can be destroyed (this bug crept back in somehow).

  • The building placement square has been adjusted to be more strict to obstacles. Before, you could sometimes squeeze buildings into areas where they would overlap with terrain. Now the building must be placed entirely on flat ground and away from rocks.

  • The ESC key now closes the astronaut build screen if it is up.

  • Miners now resume mining and show the correct animation when returning from the launchpad.

  • The drag-to-select box now does not display if the resource window is being dragged.

  • Various other tweaks, some new launchpad features when starting a new map, etc.

  • Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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