Sol 0 Version 0.84 Has Been Released!

September 20, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.84 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. Welcome to all the new players! We've had a massive increase in traffic recently, which has put every component of the game and website through a nice stress test. Thanks very much for supporting the beta version of the game, and feel free to join the forum discussions.

  • The email system on the website has been upgraded. Automatic emails are now sent using authenticated SMTP, and are much less likely to end up in spam. I'm sorry for any delays with the automatic emails, the system should be improved. As always, support is available from if needed.

  • As a reminder, since version 0.80 both Sol 0 and the Map Editor now both use the 'Maps' directory in the 'Map Editor_Data' folder. There is no longer a 'Maps' folder in 'Sol 0_Data'.

  • A bug has been fixed where sections of the colony could be erased when loading or returning from the launchpad. Note: this is not fixed in every case! Avoid building on the very edges of the map and this bug should not occur.

  • Pathfinding around rocks has been improved. Previously rocks had a relatively large no-walk radius which made areas that seemed walkable actually blocked. Rocks now only block areas roughly equal to the rock size.

  • Fixed a bug where astronauts were sometimes unable to pick up boxes off of forklifts. This is fixed in nearly all cases, although one or two edge cases may remain.

  • Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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