Sol 0 Version 0.82 Has Been Released!

September 11, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.82 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This is a small update, and is mostly a hotfix to a game-breaking bug that was introduced in version 0.80.

  • IMPORTANT: Both Sol 0 and the Map Editor now both use the Maps directory in the 'Map Editor_Data' folder. If you've been playing custom maps you'll need to move those maps from the 'Sol 0_Data' folder to the 'Map Editor_Data' folder, otherwise the levels won't appear in the level list.

  • A bug crept into the last version where sections of the colony could be erased when returning from the launchpad. Thanks to some help from people who reported this issue, I was able to fix the problem. The bug was due to astronauts looking for forklifts that hadn't been re-created when the level loaded. I'm putting in a general fix so that corrupted units/buildings don't take down the whole game. Apologies for this bug, it's been a while since a game-breaking issue made it through.

  • A new help menu has been added that provides some information about the units and buildings.

  • A new graph window has replaced the old list of all units/buildings. It needs a bit of tweaking, (especially the power indicator), but it is more useful than the old window.

  • Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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