Sol 0 Version 0.80 Has Been Released!

August 14, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.80 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This is a big update, with a few important changes:

  • All buildings that attach to halls now require oxygen to function. This includes greenhouses, labs, and the nuclear plant. This has the potential to break your existing saves. Before you upgrade to 0.80, it might be a good idea to make sure all buildings connected to halls have their doors open and have an oxygen generator nearby. That should help minimize any problems... this also affects the early game, as you now need an oxygen generator to get the first greenhouse up and running. Oxygen generators now work a bit better to offset this change.

  • A new building has been introduced: the airlock. The airlock is placed like a straight hallway, and allows astronauts and forklifts to pass through. The airlock takes the place of the arboretum on the build screen, and arboretums can now be converted directly from 4-way halls, which have an 'upgrade' button.

  • Colonists unload one at a time, preventing a mass of colonists from sucking all the air out of the first hallway they hit.

  • Farms display a GUI indicator of the current strain when the resource grid is on.

  • AI/pathfinding is much better (I hope)!

  • Some visual tweaks to the launchpad, and 'New Rocket Available' notifications appear when a new rocket is unlocked.

  • Some improvements to the home screen planet shader, and a nice new music track.

  • Steam integration is coming along. Nothing is visible in-game yet, but the basics are complete and Workshop integration is about 50% done.

  • As usual many bug fixes...

Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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