Sol 0 Version 0.70 Has Been Released!

June 27, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.70 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This is a big update, and the overall theme was polish. Almost every aspect of the game was improved in some way, from graphics to balancing to optimization and of course bug fixing. With this release I think the game is much more playable and is really coming together. I have stress tested a colony up to about 300 colonists on my mid-range machine, and the game drops a bit below 30 fps at max settings but holds up fairly well. As a thank you for your patience, here is a link to a fun map that takes place in some sort of Martian canyon.

A list of changes is below:

  • AI has been much improved for astronauts and forklifts. Occasionally they will get stuck on something, but that is much rarer and the overall behaviour is starting to look good. Units shouldn't get hung up on solar panels or pallets, and really should take care of themselves!

  • New graphics for the launchpad, the astronaut pre-build plane (which can now be clicked to highlight the astronaut initiating the construction), and various loading screens, etc. New graphics on the main screen for the unlockable last level.

  • Rover routing has been improved, and there is now a visual aid that indicates if a path will collide with anything, and will prevent routing the rover into obstacles.

  • Pallets can be toggled to 'Empty when full', which is useful if attached to a 3D printer. A forklift that is automated will clear a pallet with this toggle.

  • A GUI text box appears when placing buildings that states the placement rule (for example: 'building must connect to a hallway'), which should make things a bit clearer for new players.

  • Rover routes are saved between launches.

  • Significant game tweaking. I apologize in advance if this breaks some of your current colonies. Cryotanks now store 1000 L instead of 2000 L, refrigerators store 400 kg food instead of 1000 kg, supplies cost 50 kg ore to print instead of 30 kg, and the ore mine uses more methane. Some buildings now require more population to support than before. The purpose of all of this is not to make the game necessarily harder, but to prevent the player from reaching a point mid-game where all of the advanced buildings can be built all at once without requiring much choice or debate. As a trade-off for these changes, the colony is now more forgiving to 'low population' notices, and you won't experience quite as much runaway colony death from insufficient population.

  • Dozers have been improved. They shouldn't affect FPS when moving rocks, and rocks should stick better to the front of the dozer. Still requires some manoeuvring...

  • General performance improvements (around 5% if CPU constrained)

  • New game icon.

Work continues on integrating with Steam, expect more news on that soon. I am a bit behind my mid-summer release estimate from the end of 2014, but not very far behind and I think Sol 0 is getting to be in good shape for a release.

Thanks for your continued support - Sol 0 Team

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