Sol 0 June News

June 15, 2015

I've had to delay the next Sol 0 update for a few days. I'm not quite happy with the AI changes, and I want to touch it up a bit more before releasing. My plan is to push out the next update as soon as possible, hopefully in less than a week. While most of the changes are in the background, I've put together a few screenshots of new loading screens (... I know not the most exciting thing), and one of the new launchpad.

There is also a screenshot showing a large colony with over 250 population. The game holds up fairly well on my system, which is mid- to low-end. This colony was built on a map I made with the map editor that I quite like, feel free to check it out.

In a few days I'm starting Steam integration, just need to finish a bit of Steam paperwork, and I'll be trying out some workshop features and seeing what should make it into the game. Steam release and a 1.0 version are coming soon! I have a timeline, but don't want to share it until I'm a bit more confident having never gone through this process before.

Thanks for the continued support!

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