Sol 0 Version 0.52 Has Been Released!

February 13, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.52 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. As of this update, Sol 0 is now using the professional version of the Unity engine. Already this change has been well worth the cost of the license. Unity's profiler identified a few spots in the code that let me get a big performance increase. Thanks to everyone who has bought into the beta, allowing me to afford the license cost. At this point, all the money I make from Sol 0 has gone into software, hardware, and business costs in preparation for a Steam release.

Here's a list of changes:

  • The building placement errors that were introduced in the last update have been fixed, as have the orientation problems when two astronauts try to build something at the same time.

  • Fraps may be used to record gameplay without crashing the game (at least on my machine).

  • Various optimizations, especially with colonists, result in a much smoother game. Shadows are still a big problem, luckily I know how to make them much better! For now, I would suggest turning shadows off to get a 50% performance increase.

  • Bulldozers have slightly better performance.

  • Drag to select has been improved.

  • Replaced the two custom levels bundled with the game with a Europa level, which fits the style of the game a bit better.

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