Sol 0 Version 0.50 has been released!

January 20, 2015

Sol 0 version 0.50 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This update comes with a small disclaimer - some of the new features touch on some of the core systems of the game, and although I haven't found any significant bugs it's always possible that I've missed something. In the event that something big breaks I'll issue a few quick small updates to fix immediate items.

With that slightly ominous introduction, here's a list of changes:

  • Astronauts now have basic AI. To build a structure, select an astronaut and click 'build', even if the astronaut is not holding a box. The astronaut will use the nearest supplies to build the structure. Astronauts will go to a forklift as long as that forklift is not automated. This is most definitely going to be tweaked and improved. There are many edge cases that I've not addressed, and behavior can be a bit weird. But I think this a good foundation and I think it improves the game overall.

  • Many of you have commented on the game breaking bug when the colony gets big enough where everything seems to break at once and saves become corrupted. This should be fixed. There is a new limit where the game will choke, but it's probably around 3000 colonists instead of around 100.

  • Two new disasters have been introduced. A map-wide solar storm requires you to stop all movement of motorized units, and a map-wide dust storm can reduce solar power efficiency and break buildings.

  • The Sol 0 Map Editor is bundled with this release! This is the first public build of the Map Editor, and I'm sure it will receive future updates. Don't expect perfection, but it can get the job done at the moment. Let me know what needs to be improved. A PDF with some instructions is available. Two example maps are included in the Sol 0 Maps folder, you can move these over to the editor's Maps folder and load them up in the editor. I've included eight base textures, but can not include more as generally textures have licensing restrictions that prevent bundling. But feel free to find/use your own! See this video for a tutorial.

  • A color blind mode has been added to change the color of the mineral resources. This does not cover all forms of color blindness, but is a fix while I consider a final solution.

  • You can now drag a box around units to select them. This turned out to be particularly tricky, as there are some edge cases and you really have to interpret the intention of the user to get a good feel. I actually don't fully like the current implementation, and want to move to a system where units closer to the center of the box are weighted higher. Only one unit can be selected at a time.

  • In this update I tackled graphics optimization. If Sol 0 performance for you was bottlenecked by the GPU, you should see a ~20% improvement. If performance was limited by your CPU, you won't see much change. Next update is going to be the CPU optimization and I expect a similar performance boost again.

  • Astronauts shouldn't get hung up walking around four way hallways.

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