Version 0.44 Has Been Released

August 23, 2014

Sol 0 version 0.44 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. This version shouldn't break existing saves. I believe 0.42 maps will work without issue, but I could not test every possible case. Here are the main changes:

  • As promised, buildings no longer explode when there is insufficient power/population. Instead, buildings break and take 1 supply to fix. Forklifts in 'automate' mode will automatically pick up an available box and repair buildings. Farms don't break, but will lose whatever strain of microflora is currently being used.

  • Astronauts that are not currently selected will automatically clean solar panels if they are nearby - no more microing solar panel repair. The tradeoff is that solar panels now decay randomly (not all at once), and they might decay more than one kWh... so it is more important to keep an astronaut nearby.

  • You can no longer store unlimited food. Greenhouses may be converted to storage refrigerators for free. Refrigerators don't produce food, but increase the food storage total by 1000 kg. This may affect saved games in 0.42, as when you load your food will be reduced to 1000 kg until you make a few refrigerators.

  • There is a new notification system. The old red window was useless. The new system is much more helpful and aesthetic, I find myself playing with it present all the time, which is a good sign.

  • A few pathfinding issues were addressed. Units shouldn't walk through terrain or buildings to reach an area that is out of reach. Astronauts and forklifts should take better routes and not take the long way (as much, still happens a bit). This is as usual a work in progress... Miners will now go to the refinery much easier without needing to click and find the correct spot on the loading bay.

  • Cryotanks can now be destroyed by astronauts.

  • Printer / biolab bug fixes.

  • If you push boulders into the Geology Lab when no research is being conducted you now get 100 ore.

  • Some issues with pathfinding/collision on the last level have been fixed.

  • The stars on the main screen twinkle (not realistic, but looks nice).

  • Messages that units had starved/died of thirst that randomy popped up have been removed.

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