Preview of Next Update

July 20, 2014

Hello everyone, I think it's time for a short update. It is around the time that a new update is usually posted, however the next version is going to be delayed two or three weeks. I am on vacation, and can't push out another version quite yet. I apologize, as I know regular updates keep the game interesting and prevent bugs from becoming too annoying. I have been working on the next update, but it is not quite ready yet. I'll give you a list of a few things that are upcoming:

  • Instead of exploding when the colony is low on population/power, recycling centers and oxygen generators now 'break' and may be repaired. This seems like a much requested feature. Solar panels, recycling centers, and oxygen generators will require 1 box to fix, but this may be automated with astronauts. Also a note that I don't think many people realize (I need to make this more clear), solar panels don't really need to be repaired. The solar panel looses 1 kWh gradually over time, but plateaus at 3 kWh. When I play I never bother repairing them and just let them sit producing 3kWh until I can switch to geothermal plants.

  • A few pathfinding bugs will be fixed. Last time I made a fairly substantial change to pathfinding which introduced a few problems. From behind the scenes, the new system is really a big improvement, but I think from the player side it was a bit of a backwards step since a few annoyances were introduced. I'm going to try to address most of these problems in the next update, and ultimately the pathfinding should be fast and work as expected. For example, the new system should let me fix instances where units take the long way around to a location when it is not necessary to do so.

There are a few other improvements as well, but these are the big goals. Despite the radio silence, development is continuing and a new version should be out in a few weeks!

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