Sol 0 Version 0.42 Released

June 22, 2014

Sol 0 version 0.42 has been released! Visit the download page to pick up the new version. I tried to keep 0.42 backwards compatible with 0.40. I believe 0.40 maps will work without issue, but I could not test every possible case. The new oxygen system will result in old maps having oxygen issues if there are not enough oxygen generators. Any unlocks or challenge awards will remain regardless of any problems with individual maps. This is a fairly large update, I'll discuss things roughly by importance:

  • When starting a new colony you may select the level of disasters (meteorites/dust storms). If you select 'none', you will not be awarded mission challenges or unlock buildings. 'Frequent' is about the same level of disasters as the current version, a bit more. 'Normal' is about half the current frequency - I think there have been a few to many disasters based on feedback I've been getting.

  • The 'farm upgrade' button has been replaced with a system where you crossbreed strains of bacteria to survive in the Martian soil and increase farm yield. The screen that manages this has a 'Lab manual' button that might be helpful to look over. If you lose the Biology Lab, you lose all the strains you have researched. However, if you have more than one Biology Lab, they share the same strain database and if one lab is destroyed the other will still have the same strains available. If you try to load a colony from the previous version (0.40), the old farms will be grandfathered into the new system and will continue to output their previous yield without a bacterial strain. New farms however must use the new system.

  • A new upgrade is available at the Geology Lab that increases hall/habitat armor to survive against disasters.

  • The oxygen system has been rewritten. Oxygen travels smoother and doesn't hang up on corners. Oxygen generators supply the nearest three halls on each side with full oxygen, and beyond that have increasingly less effect. This will probably continue to be tweaked and refined.The new oxygen system will result in old maps having oxygen issues if there are not enough oxygen generators

  • The 'resource profile' window now has two tabs added. The 'OXYGEN' tab lists the state of all hallways/habitats, ordered with low-air structures at the top of the list. The 'UNITS' tab lists all units. Clicking on the items in either tab will select the unit. This is helpful for quickly checking if any halls are running low on oxygen, and for finding astronauts/forklifts.

  • Pathfinding is better (yet as always still a work in progress). Pathfinding now uses a separate processor core, so it is much faster. Units also shouldn't walk through terrain nearly as often, and units won't decide to randomly drive into terrain. Still not perfect, but better.

  • A few units now remember their actions between launches. This is still a work in progress, but the astronaut and forklift will continue their actions between launces. Miners will also continue mining between launches. Unfortunately, I'm still working on Rover routes, which is the case where this is most needed.

  • The reward for unlocking the last challenge (independence) has been added.

  • Notification spam from air leaks/colonist deaths has been reduced.

  • Rovers/astronauts can no longer push boulders

  • Scroll speed with the keyboard now matches scroll speed with the mouse

  • Colonists can only be loaded on a rocket if the colony can support them. For example, it is no longer possible to bring four colonists if the colony can only suppport three.

  • Clicking 'route' with the rover no longer occasionally places the first node under the GUI

  • Pressing 'escape' when trying to land a spacecraft no longer loses the lander selection box

  • The 3D Printer now has an autoprint button that will print as long as the pallet is not full and there is enough ore

  • Improved landscape graphics on the launchpad

  • Resolved pathfinding issues on the last level

  • Fixed an issue where small rockets were sometimes unable to land even on clear terrain

  • Other small tweaks/bugfixes

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