Welcome New Visitors

June 13, 2014

I have noticed a bump in traffic recently, and an increase in sales, so I decided to post a short blog post welcoming new visitors and players of Sol 0. The game has grown a great deal in the past year, mostly due to an increasing amount of exposure on youtube. In particular, MemoryLeakDeath is up to part 25 in a Sol 0 series.

Many of the newer features have been a direct result of feedback from the community, such as improvements to the minimap and forklift automation. I've received a few comments that it is unsatisfying to build up a big colony only to have it completely demolished by an unlucky meteorite impact or dust storm. In the next update I'm introducing a new item of research that can be completed at the Geology Lab, which allows hallways and habitats to install armor that protects against disasters. It is fun to see the hallway windows all get covered up with shielding when a radar array detects a disaster approaching. Also in the next update is an new gene-splicing system that replaces the somewhat lackluster 'farm upgrade' button with a screen to genetically engineer soil microbes that increase the farm yield.

Sol 0 will continue to be refined and polished, feel free to use the forum to report any bugs or feature ideas. Keep up with news and updates by following @solzerogame

Thanks for playing!

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